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The babies have hatched!! Students are going share the responsibilities of caring for a reptile. The beardies will be ready for adoption in May. Students are developing a care booklet for all interested families. Parents are welcome to visit them while they are here.


Welcome to Mrs. Barnicle's 3rd grade class!

We are moving on to Junior Great Books. We will read several short stories as we work on comprehension and making inferences.

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Junior Great Books is a strong, inquiry-based language arts program that refines and extends students’ skills in reading, thinking, and communicating. The program is a model of student-centered learning in which students work with complex ideas and rigorous texts. The program uses well-crafted, multicultural reading selections that are rich in ideas and invite a number of interpretations. Through consistent use of the program students develop their reading and thinking skills by asking questions, formulating and sharing their opinions, and supporting their ideas with evidence from the selections they read. now has reading and writing games!!

Spelling List

measurement.gifWe will learn various forms of measurement including time, temperature, length and capacity. Students will be challenged with targeted concepts throughout the year.

science pic.jpgWe are working on the basic concepts of simple machines with the help of Legos.


Students are discovering the wonders of National Parks.