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2014-04-07 11.51.30.jpg2014-04-15 10.57.03.jpg2014-04-16 15.54.26.jpg3rd graders with lizards
The babies are growing. Students have been sharing the responsibilities of feeding and cleaning. The beardies will be ready for adoption in May. Students are developing a care booklet for all interested families. Parents are welcome to visit them while they are here.
Caring for a Bearded Dragon


Welcome to Mrs. Barnicle's 3rd grade class!

We are moving on to Junior Great Books. We will read several short stories as we work on comprehension and making inferences.


A great book describing all of the plants and animals that live in the rainforest. We will learn about endangered animals while reading. now has reading and writing games!!

Spelling List

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Our next unit in math will focus on Geometry. We will learn about polygons and three dimensional shapes. Students will be challenged with targeted concepts throughout the year.

science pic.jpgWe are working on the basic concepts of simple machines with the help of Legos. Pictures

Duct Tape ChallengeMany students have risen to the challenge of creating fun and exciting things out of duct tape. Our inspiration comes from MythBusters.
2014-04-16 09.53.11.jpg
Rose made a stunning dress, durable and waterproof!!
2014-04-23 15.26.52.jpg
Oriella made a lovely summer purse

2014-04-23 11.30.42.jpg
Riya designed bows for her wrist, hair and ones to go with every outfit.

2014-04-23 11.31.52.jpg
Caroline made a gorgeous flower that never needs water but is always blooming.


Students are discovering the wonders of National Parks.