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Joanne C. Barnicle
Elementary Teacher, M.Ed

My philosophy of education begins with the premise that all students have the ability to learn. I aspire to make all students aware of their potential. I want to accomplish this goal by creating a positive classroom environment, using differentiated instructional techniques that build on prior knowledge, various forms of assessment and constant reflection of my performance as a teacher.


Elementary educator with 6 years of experience fostering academic learning and enhancing critical-thinking abilities. Incorporated effective cooperative learning techniques and unique classroom management style to establish creative and stimulating classroom environment. Dedicated, resourceful teacher skilled in building rapport and respect with students and school community.


Teaching Certificate

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Designed and implemented sustainability curriculum for 3rd and 4th grade including vermicomposting. certified wormologist.jpg

Students learn about composting by maintaining worm bins.

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The harvested compost is incorporated into the community garden.

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Enhanced science curriculum with a year-long study of reptiles.
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Students raised Bearded Dragon hatchlings from birth to adoption.

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Increased student math confidence and success by utilizing innovative technology.
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Sumdog.com Sumdog.com is a comprehensive math program that allows teachers to analyze student's math progress and set challenges to increase speed and accuracy. Sumdog provides motivating games, students can't resist.

Curriculum Highlights

Duct Tape ChallengeMany students have risen to the challenge of creating fun and exciting things out of duct tape. Our inspiration comes from MythBusters.2014-04-25 10.12.40.jpg2014-04-16 09.53.11.jpg2014-04-23 15.26.52.jpg2014-04-23 11.30.42.jpg